A Guide on Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring for Women

Since the inception of civilization, jewelry has been the most prevalent form of gifts for women. They have always loved adorning these beautiful pieces. Most of these items are made from expensive metals and are studded with precious gemstones. 

When it comes to the commitment story there is no wonder why engagement rings have been preferred for centuries. This is how you can celebrate this special occasion like engagement and show your affection towards your partner. 

Today, the market is flooded with exclusive ranges of engagement rings for women. Surely your soon to be bride is going to twinkle her fingers with the latest designs and collections. A diamond embellishment engagement ring is worth gifting as a forever love symbol. 

Let us see the amazing assortment of collections in the engagement rings for women. 

Collection of Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

  • Nature Loving Outdoorsy Girl

This is specially designed for bubbly women who love exploring the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Your soul-mate will love this engagement ring that imbibes nature’s element in its design and pattern. 

The design includes flowers and leaves with the engagement ring’s unique gemstone such as emeralds. You can select the setting in the diamond that properly hugs and cling all around the girdle. An active outdoor lady needs to have her diamonds secured in a cathedral style in the ring.

  • The Classy and Traditional Lady

The good old classic solitaire is another stunning piece that enhances the beauty in the finger of your lady. This timeless collection features a central diamond stone that gets all the attention with nothing else to focus on. 

Whether it is a diamond engagement rings oval or round, the style remains popular through the ages. There are various settings like trellis or basket that renders a beautiful design in the ring. If your better half is inclining towards the glamour side, a band of tiny diamond accents in the engagement ring. 

  • The Bold and Outspoken Lady 

If your soul-mate is bold and outspoken, she needs gemstones that speaks volume. Diamond is a good option, but can you look for other options in gemstones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald. There is no need to get it twisted with designs. A single stone will reflect the whole story. 

The accents with small diamonds encircling the whole stone make it appealing to the eyes. Moreover, get a combination of two stones with engagement rings diamond and sapphire. 

  • The Glamour Socialite

For a party lover and socialite queen who frequents the city’s happening areas, a jewelry item dazzling with glamour does the best job. Get some designs that hold the diamond in an elevated position or something that features the diamond ring in a different setup. 

A halo design is an excellent choice for a woman who loves to rule the crowd and stand apart. It features a big solo diamond with a plated ring studded with mini diamond crystals. 

  • The Upbeat and Fashionable Girl of Today

In recent times, many girls are conscious when it comes to making a fashion decision. If you pay closer attention to the needs of your partner, they are always looking for unconventional, modern, and rare designs. 

This remains true for selecting the engagement ring as well. Your choice has to be different to bring a smile to the face of your partner. Go for the various open ring designs in precious metals like platinum and gold with small diamond embedments that make the engagement rings unique from the popular bandwagon. 

  • The Cheerful and Dreamy Romantic

A girl who loves romantic movies and likes pretty things, consider picking sophisticated designs in engagement rings. Diamond rings with enamel objects like butterflies, hearts, flowers, and others make the design irresistible. This new age feature is something to look forward to gift your partner. 

It brings a fusion of the traditional classic design pattern with the latest unparalleled artistry. It allows you to steer away from the conventional fashion but at the same it the diamond gemstone setting in a new arrangement. 

  • The Minimalistic Yet the Prettiest

If your better half is craving elegance in a minimalist design, you need to reflect before selecting the engagement ring. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on the ring’s design and detailing. A minimalistic design can be equally pretty, featuring those dainty, filigree, and intricate galleries. 

There are plenty of design options to consider, such as wavy, leafy, intertwined, twisted, braided, and many others. Highlighting the bands of tiny diamonds in these arrangements gives a stellar appeal to the finger. 

Bottom Line

The handful of knowledge shared through this article brings you a step closer to deciding and gifting a perfect engagement ring for your lady love. Evaluate the designs and clarify every aspect of the diamond ring carefully. 

This will serve as a reliable guide for taking the final decision and purchasing the ring for engagement.

Avoid Crowdfunding Fail With These Points

Crowdfunding only seems to be easy, so manageable but it isn’t. The reality is that it takes a lot of sweat and dedication to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It isn’t possible to get the job done with the help of one person, this is where the public relations firms get in the game to make it all happen. Public relations companies spend time and money organizing their campaigns and working them out.

It is completely fine that we humans are bound to make mistakes, but what matters is how we learn from them. More important is that we don’t repeat them again. Below mentioned are some of the mistakes that happen when crowdfunding is setup. Read carefully:

●    Not screening your campaigning for a review:

This is a significant cause of failures in the campaign. Invite all your subscribers, family-friends, and supporters to study your campaign and offer their inputs before releasing your campaign to the world.

Go for a  screening test for an emotional bond and offering you a chance to assess your message objectively. Think it a private launch, and ask your private audience to finance the initiative as well.

●    Not sufficient social capital:

The topmost reason why most campaigns fail is the lack of social capital. Hitting the key goal of achieving at least 30 percent of your funding target in the first 48 hours is crucial.

If you do not have a large network of friends, family donors and more ready to fund your campaign, then it is important to launch with a bang and eventually campaign success to perform pre-launch marketing activities to create a targeted email list of potential backers. This can be made possible with the help of a Public relations agency.

●    Lack of frequency and consistency:

It is always said aloud that “consistency is the key to success.”Consistency is an important part of any campaign for crowdfunding. The frequency of various outlets to meet potential supporters defines the success rate of your campaign. You will detach them from your campaign objectives by not producing social networking updates, email newsletters, Instagram articles, photos, and videos to meet your backers at the proposed pace.

●    Not being prepared to serve as a customer service desk:

It is normal for hundreds and even thousands of inquiries, emails, and feedback about the campaign, incentives, and the final product to be launched and collected by a campaign. Makers must be ready to cope with the amount of contact needed by crowdfunding and have a strategy. It has been shown that effective communication techniques mostly during a campaign make a campaign more likely to be successful. Have a strategy for the audience and interact freely. The more likely you are to make your campaign go viral, the more you can incorporate your supporters to get them excited about your campaign and get your audience to share it as much as possible.

●    Poor Content:

What they see is what they understand theory is going to work here! If a photo is worth a thousand words, then it is best for you to make sure that it says the right thing. Your photos should help you tell the story and should be succinct, well thought out, and consistent with your messaging. Using a professional photographer and a copywriter is always necessary. Nothing undermines the confidence of your audience in you quicker than a poor first impression.

●    Failure to launch your campaign using a successful marketing plan:

Always launch your campaign to match it with your marketing strategy. Employ a PR team if possible to understand and raise the interest of your early supporters. Effective crowdfunding campaigns tell their followers well ahead about their launch date and add drum-rolls to their campaigns.

While you take care of these mistakes not to happen, always remember to include a public relations agency when it comes to crowdfunding. For several reasons! Most importantly, to make it happen and spread the word presence of a public relations agency is very important. Get in touch with public relations firms especially the ones who hold crowdfunding experience.