Fashion Jewellery Buying Guide

Fashion jewellery is a lifestyle choice for women – be it chic, simple, statement pieces, or traditional design, chances are you will get it all under the banner of fashion jewellery. And with the rise in e-commerce businesses, you will be spoilt for choices when you go online for fashion jewellery shopping.

But before you buy jewellery, certain things are to be determined, like quality, price, payment modes, and more. So if you are looking to buy jewellery online, we would like you to look at this article before you buy. We have compiled a list of 7 essential tips that one must keep in mind before online jewellery shopping to ensure that they get their money’s worth. 

Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying Jewellery

  • Quality 

While buying jewellery, the first thing to notice is whether what you choose is of good quality. Most online jewellery stores are upfront about the quality of their products – they provide all the essential details like the grade of gemstones, carats, ring crafting details, the weight of the metal, and much more. You will also find jewellery experts online and on jewellery store websites which will guide you through your online jewellery shopping. They can provide details about the quality of the product you buy and, in some cases, also offer proper grading certificates. 

  • Cost Effectivity

The best part about shopping for jewellery online is the sheer number of discounts and offers you can avail of. As stores save up on power, rent, wages, and other expenses of physical stores, they can give better deals to their customers. Thus, one should keep a lookout for such discounts and coupons and use them to their advantage.

  • Choose Designs Cautiously 

A big factor that affects your choice of jewellery is the kind of design you choose. Any jewellery shop you go to will provide you with many choices, but the trick is to stick to what you actually want to wear. Be it a simple, modern, or chic jewellery design that you can wear every day or something more gorgeous and traditional reserved for special occasions. While choosing jewellery you should keep in mind whether the design you choose will serve your purpose.

  • Price Comparison

While purchasing fashion jewellery, you should always compare the design you choose with the price of a similar design of some other store. This will give you an idea of whether the store you are buying from is giving it to you at a reasonable price or if it is a rip-off. We suggest using Google Lens to search your jewellery choice to get similar designs from other online jewellers, complete with their price.

  • Payment Modes

Online jewellery stores offer a range of payment modes like EMI, PayPal, Credit and Debit Card, Online NetBaning, E-Wallets, and more. One should check out what modes of payment their store is offering as paying via a mode you are most comfortable with is one of the most important criteria of online shopping. We suggest checking out your store’s payment methods even before you start shopping there to ensure you do not face trouble at the very last moment during checkout. 

  • Online Reviews

You will find numerous stores selling jewellery online. However, while buying from them, one needs to be careful about the trustworthiness of the store. We suggest going on Google or LinkedIn to find out more about the store. You can also lookup their social media pages. You will find several customer reviews in these places which will help you judge whether the store sells quality products if it is trustworthy and if previous customers have any grievances against them.

  • Delivery

Ensure that the jewellery shop you buy from will deliver your products right to your doorstep. Most stores deliver to every address around the country, but one should check just in case the store does not deliver to their Pincode. We suggest checking out whether the store delivers to your address before engrossing yourself entirely in shopping.

Online shopping is extremely convenient and comfortable, especially, during the current pandemic when people are not comfortable stepping out of their homes. Staying at home, and looking through the various options online stores are some of the best ways to do online jewellery shopping. Thus, keeping the 7 above tips in mind will greatly help your journey of online jewellery shopping. 


Thus to conclude, we can say that certain criteria should be met when going online to buy jewellery. One should be meticulous about their choices and buying process to ensure that they are getting the best possible products at the price they are paying. We hope this article provides you with a buying guide that can help you buy jewellery online.