5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces of the house, yet ignored. It is important to redesign your bath place at regular intervals because the beauty of the house is reflected by it. Also, the place has to be hygienic as our body is most exposed here. Suitable tiling helps to maintain hygiene and caters to the good health of the user.

Reinventing the bathroom with new trending styles is essential to increase the value of the property. It helps in getting a profitable deal in the case of selling in the future. Moreover, the wall and floor make up has to be soothing. Many of us prefer to relax while taking a bath and the beauty and design of the place enhances mind relaxation.

Having that said, here are five essential tips to consider while selecting your bathroom tiles:

1.    Position and Colour

First of all, you have to consider the area for which you need tiling, that is, for walls, floors, or both. The shower tiles used for the floor have to be slightly rough to make a grip. It is because the floor gets wet while bathing. On the other hand, wall tilings can be smooth and shining.

There are different types of colors available for bath tiles and sometimes confusing to use. Bright colors are good for walls, as they would reflect through the water drops. In contrast, a slightly dark color is preferred for floor tiles to reflect the spilled over water. Moreover, colors can be chosen according to your likeness and mood.

2.    Size Of The Tiles

After deciding upon the position and color, the size of tiles has to be taken care of. If your efficiency of cleaning the tiles is low, a large size is a better choice. Larger size tiles have a low number of crevices and joints. It avoids any deposition of bath material, like soap water into joints. If there is regular cleaning of the bathroom, small size tiles can be chosen which adds to the design of the place.

3.    Shades

The floor tiles have to be of a mildly dark shade because bright tiles won’t be able to reflect water on them. On the other hand, bright shades can be put on the walls. Moreover, a combination of shades can also be chosen for walls. In contrast, fixed color and shade have to be preferred for floor tiles.

4.    Style and Finish

Style preference for bathroom tiles is solely your choice. It comes in various ranges like metro wall tiles, mosaic, wooden effect, patterned, marble, stone effect, and others. 3-D designs are also available for wall styling and are trending nowadays.

The finishing styles used for these tiles are gloss, semi-polished, polished, matt, and satin. For the floor, highly polished tiles are not chosen as they will make it slippery. Gloss, polished, and satin is good for walls while semi-polished and matte for the floor.

5.    Suitability and Material

Suitability refers to your plan to put tile on the indoor or outdoor side of the bathroom. The indoor is specially taken care of because it is exposed to water and soap. Indoor tiles have to be easily cleanable. Outdoor tiling can be rough or smooth with a mixture of various patterns and styles which appear attractive to the visitors.

The materials used for bath tiles are glass, porcelain, ceramic, and luxury vinyl tile. Porcelain and glass tiles need a good polishing. Therefore, they are fit for walls but not the floor. Ceramic tiles are preferred for the flooring to enhance grip in the presence of water.

Final Words

The bathroom is the most utilized, yet ignored place in the house. It is necessary to renovate to increase its beauty and property values. While going for it, the above factors need to be considered. The floor tiles are covered with water while bathing and one is prone to slipping. Therefore, they have to be semi-polished, ceramic and of a darker shade. Moreover, walls can be made of polished material like glass and porcelain. Various styles, colors, and textures can be chosen for walls. In contrast, a fixed style and color is preferred for the flooring. This considerably enhances the beauty of the bathroom and your experience of bathing.