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A Reliable VPN Service Can Help Small Businesses in Finding their Groove Online

The recent SARS-II COVID-19 virus has traumatized the whole world, and everything is at a standstill. From the scenic and remote island of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean to the bustling Times Square in New York City, everything is locked down. There are enough reasons for everyone to be worried as the future of world economics looks bleak, and any revival looks a distant dream.

Businesses around the world look for solutions right now but can’t find one as there is uncertainty in any sector you talk about. There are many aspects for which companies need to check what resources they are using and how they are going to complete the work. Businesses are going through their most difficult and challenging phase, and the chances are that it will take some time before they will be able to bounce back. So, they need to think about ways through which they can cope up with the situation.

The World After the Virus Ends

While the complete end and eradication of the Coronavirus don’t seem any time soon, we all know that the dynamics of businesses will drastically change. Hundreds and thousands of companies will go bankrupt, and there are chances that even big conglomerates and multinational companies will face a tough task sustaining in the marketplace. And for the end-users and consumers are the products and services offered by them, life will be equally difficult for them as, after massive layoffs and salary cuts, their buying power will also be halved once this crisis will be over.

Many countries around the world use advanced technologies and equipment to run their business. That is the reason why they are still doing some kind of business online as they don’t depend on physical locations and stores for their business. But even then, there are several factors that can make the proceedings pretty difficult to handle for companies.

Let me offer you some insider details about the security aspect that will plague worldwide companies online even now and when this whole virus episode will be over.

The Security Aspect

Security-related to online business has always been one of the chief requirements for businesses worldwide. I am not talking about the current scenario; only online business is the only way through which companies are communicating with each other and their customers. And in the future, even without a pandemic again hitting the world’s economy, a secure online business through which companies can get in touch with their customers will be the preference for everyone.

VPN is one of the solutions for the problem business is faced due to the security hazard online. But there is one big problem with VPN services as the majority of the companies offering VPN are either based or owned by Chinese companies. And it is not just the Coronavirus I am talking about. Generally, companies in the West and in the US don’t want to indulge in any business activity especially related to it companies having Chinese owners.


What are the Risks Involved?

If you ask me, there are certain risk factors that are associated with the security aspects of businesses that will go for a VPN, which is owned by Chinese companies. One of the world’s largest technology companies, Huawei, has been banned by the United States for several months now. And it is not just their smartphones, but the technology that will be used in the 5G sets and telecommunication equipment is what is the basis of the ban.

US President Donald Trump is pretty vocal about how Huawei has been working on several of its networking products in the past. He even warned European countries so that they also take care of dealing with Huawei and other Chinese companies. And there is another risk that is associated with Chinese companies, and that is the surveillance by the Chinese government of its own citizens related to online browsing and any other activity like e-commerce.

Chinese companies are known to spy on their own citizens on the behest of their government. This is enough reason so that companies need to get any online services like VPN, secure email for cloud storage from reliable resources. There is always a risk of getting your confidential data and information in the wrong hands. So, there is no need for companies to get the services from suspicious companies who take the privacy of their customers for granted and just want to reap benefits from them.

What Companies Need to Do Now?

If you think that I have emphasized so much on China as this is some kind of evil country, it is far from reality. It all comes down to how China indulges in several practices that are not ethical, and they need to shy away from. But the Chinese companies always try to get the lion’s share of the market, and for this, they try to get to their goal by hook or by crook.

The point I want to make is that there are a host of options other than China too. And even certain countries which are not that tech-savvy and just try to get their hands-on customers like you through fraudulent activities and promotional campaigns. These companies try to offer services that look good but are average at best and are prone to services that are not reliable and don’t offer even 80-90% of uptime in case of online servers and poor show also for services like VPN.

Find a Trustworthy Company 

Don’t get intimidated or fooled by online ads claiming to be the best provider of VPN services. If you are among one of small businesses and startups and looking to find a service provider concerning VPN and similar services, you need to seriously think about good research. Companies looking for business VPN can get from many other companies, especially from those who are based in the US and European countries without much difficulty.

Over to you

If you need any clarification for an aspect mentioned in this blog that you haven’t understood, please feel free to ask. You can also offer your valuable feedback by using the comments section below.