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Top 5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Consuming Protein-Rich Foods

Living in a world where most people just don’t care about the nutrients they consume, such mindset leads them to face some serious health disorders. So if you are not consuming foods that are rich in healthy nutrients then you are missing out on some big benefits. Calcium, protein, iron, zinc, and some vitamins are the most beneficial nutrients for your body.

So here we will talk about protein. You might have heard about protein many times before but there are certain benefits of protein that make it really special for our health. The major benefits of protein-rich foods are that they help in improving you bone, muscle, and digestive health. We will discuss them further.

Foods like beef bone broth, nuts, trout, and chicken are some of the foods that are rich in protein and calcium. So these foods are really important for your health and should be a part of your diet. Apart from that, there are certain benefits that you can only get by consuming protein-rich foods. The following are some of the amazing benefits that you can get by consuming protein-rich foods.


When you add protein to your diet the first thing that you will notice is that it will help in improving your muscle health. Protein helps in recovering your muscles and making them bigger in size. Muscle growth is one of the most common benefits of protein. There are certain things that can help in improving your muscle growth, so you should start consuming more protein-rich foods.


Protein helps in boosting your metabolism and this leads to better digestive health. When your metabolism is in good condition then it can absorb all the nutrients properly. This is why protein is good for your health. Apart from that, it can help in improving your bowel movement as well.


Calcium and protein are two nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Almost 60% of our bone structure is made up of protein. So once you start consuming protein in your diet it will help in improving your bone health as well as your muscle health. Tendons and ligaments both need protein. This helps in making them strong and healthy. If you can take bone broth as an example. The benefits of bone broth are unmatched. It is rich in calcium and protein and it helps in providing almost every health benefit that you can think about.


Like I said before that protein foods keep you full throughout the day. So when you are consuming protein-rich foods it will help in controlling your appetite as you won’t get hungry after consuming such foods. Diet is an important part of weight loss. Although you do need some sort of workout as well. That will help in showing you some real quick results. Eggs and salmon are the most consumed foods in any diet. Whether it is a keto diet or Atkins diet. Protein-rich foods are important.


When it keeps you full throughout the day that leads to a controlled appetite and once you have that it will also help in controlling your untimely cravings. If you stay awake late at night then you should try to change your sleeping routine because that will force you to consume more foods. Still, if you are not being able to control your cravings then try to consume more protein-rich foods that will help in improving this condition.


These are some of the foods that can help in improving your overall health. The major issue that most people face is obesity. So in order to deal with that issue, people have to consume foods that can control your weight at a healthy level. If you are fond of consuming unhealthy foods that contain processed meat and fried things. Such foods will lead you to an unhealthy life and eating habits. Once you add protein-rich foods in your diet, you will notice a great change in your health and mood. Seafood, beef, chicken, dairy, and nuts are some of the most common sources of protein. By adding such foods to your diet, you are doing yourself a big favor.

How to Hire PHP Developers for the Web Development Process


How to Hire PHP Developers for the Web Development Process

Several web developers capitalize on PHP for website development, and this trend is prevailing across the globe. However, you may want to know the reason for the popularity of PHP. In a highly competitive world, every enterprise looks forward to the growth of the online business, which is impossible without utilizing suitable resources. Quite naturally, a PHP developer can turn your business in a favorable direction. What you require is to hire PHP developers to expedite the process.

Prevalence of PHP

When you review the whopping popularity of PHP, you can focus on significant aspects. From the ease of using PHP and the ability to do anything with it, the numerous networks of this scripting language, and the development takes place in most of the nations make it a clear winner when it comes to website development. No wonder, enterprises look forward to hiring PHP developers.

Therefore, the creation of vibrant and self-motivated websites is taking the place of static websites, primarily due to enhanced features. The modern-day websites depend on the feature-rich PHP, and its share has superseded the eighty percent mark in most of the sites dominating the internet today. As an open-source scripting language, PHP is easy to understand. What can make PHP even more functional is a qualified developer with adequate knowledge and experience of working with this scripting language.

Although new technologies are gradually gaining pace, PHP is still one of the top ten programming languages across the globe. Read the following to known how to hire a dedicated PHP development service.

1.    Placement Boards

One of the easiest ways to get in touch with PHP developers directly is to look into the resumes of developers specializing in PHP in the placement board. Furthermore, you can also place the vacancy for developers on the board. If you find this search daunting with hundreds of resumes, you can check the country-specific job boards. This method of finding a developer directly is preferable as you can communicate with developers right away and get affordable rates as well. However, the major drawback of this method is the time it takes to search for a developer.

2. Check the experience and portfolio

Irrespective of the source of finding a PHP developer, you can judge the reliability of the coder based on their experience. Based on the background, you may come to know the knowledge and skill of the coder. The portfolio of work of the developer is another aspect you cannot miss as it provides an idea about the projects the coder has handled in the past. Moreover, you come to know how the developer has dealt with the projects.

3. Communication skills and knowledge of technology

The developer you hire must not only understand the PHP enterprise framework but different styles of messages, such as web, audio, video, email, and phone. In various cases, the level of communication between the enterprises and developers over the messaging apps become a more effective mode of communication than the comprehensive emails. You must also find out whether the developer can follow commands in English.

Before zeroing the list of PHP developers, you must not miss the technical knowledge of the developer as it ensures that the coder has the necessary skills to deliver your project. Besides this, you should also try to find out the training and classes of the PHP web development service to employees to allow them to stay updated with the recent trends and enhance their knowledge base.

4. Knowledge of raw PHP, frameworks and tech debts

Due to numerous frameworks of PHP, you should consider the phase of your project and the validity of your idea for development. If you intend to get the project completed within a few weeks, check with users for raw PHP. Thanks to the availability of PHP developers who can handle your projects right away without charging exorbitant money. However, no one except the developer can understand the code. If you want a long-term code, using a PHP framework is the best choice.

Apart from this, it is necessary to choose a PHP framework before working with a developer. Once you decide the framework, you can perform in-depth research into the hourly rates of professionals or consult with a specialist on how to choose the best framework.

Know the goals

You must always describe the project goals with the developer before they start working on your projects. The higher are the specifications, the better it is to get estimates from them and the codebase they need to use. While the skill sets of PHP developers matter a lot at the time of hiring, the attitude of the coder can make or break the deal. The best PHP development professional should quickly adapt to changing scenarios and know more about new technologies.


Bathroom storage cabinets is adding up quality to your home

Renovating a washroom requires different components to be considered and among them refreshing the restroom stockpiling storage cabinets is a significant one. These capacity cupboards give usefulness as well as add looks to your restroom. The cupboards are accessible in various styles, hues, shapes and sizes which can be chosen according to the necessities and prerequisites. You can likewise go for the specially designed cupboards to meet your determinations. Creative mind and innovativeness is a catchphrase while choosing and planning a storage cabinet for your restroom. Different home improvement stores have a wide assortment of restroom stockpiling basin and wc combination unit bathroom furniture to offer and on the off chance that you further wish to have a wide decision, at that point web shopping is additionally a decent choice.

While choosing a storage cabinet you ought to guarantee that it works out in a good way for the general stylistic layout of the restroom. Different styles going from conventional to present day and from contemporary to snazzy are accessible in the market. The cupboards ought to likewise work out in a good way for the other installations in the washroom like vanity tops, mirrors, and toilets so they don’t watch out of the spot. Space assumes a significant job while choosing washroom stockpiling storage cabinets. If you have less space in the washroom, at that point you can utilize corner cupboards or sink top cupboards which are utilitarian and fits into little spaces too. Besides on the off chance that you have an enormous family, at that point an extra storage cabinet must be introduced to guarantee that all the extra towels and adornments are put well.

Looking for a restroom storage cabinet ought to be finished with due consideration and well ahead of time as it is an expensive issue. You should look at all the accessible choices on different shops and web stores before settling on an official conclusion. A storage cabinet which is useful just as eye-getting ought to be chosen. Shopping of these cupboards from different rebate outlets will likewise assist you with saving a portion of your well-deserved cash. Introducing these cupboards is likewise not an extreme occupation as the greater part of them join full arrangement of guidelines and manuals and if you need any extra assist you with canning consistently contract a neighbourhood jack of all trades for doing likewise. So simply select a decent storage cabinet for your washroom and add to its solace level.

Numerous restrooms are worked with just one spot for washroom stockpiling. In the normally measured washroom, the main implicit stockpiling is the cabinetry under the sink counter. Since restrooms are ordinarily little with constrained floor space it is additionally not a typical idea to place a household item in the room. On the off chance that you are the kind of individual that keeps plenty of things in their restroom, you might need to consider a washroom storage cabinet. These cupboards come in differing widths and sizes. An enormous restroom can fit a bigger part of furniture yet even a little condo has space for a little storage cabinet.

A bigger territory can hold a wide stockpiling cupboard that sits on the floor and in a bad spot. These cupboards can be found in practically any shading and complete and can come outfitted with strong wood or glass entryways or can likewise have open racking that isn’t hidden with entryways. Greater restrooms truly look appealing with cupboards that have length just as a pleasant ledge on the highest point of the capacity storage cabinets. Ones with more lengths will have the option to hold more embellishments in them and cupboards that are abdomen tallness can show appealing washroom frill on the highest point of them. The cupboards that have some covered racking and some uncovered racking truly become an adaptable piece in a washroom because the disguised racks can hold materials while the uncovered racking is capable hold a delightful glass container loaded up with beautiful shower cleansers, shower bombs, or containers of stunning hued shower bubbles. Uncovered racking can likewise be fitted with square or rectangular bins to hold extra shower things.

Much littler restrooms that don’t have a ton of area may fit a capacity storage cabinet with the sort of bathroom furniture sets that fits over the toilet. This kind of cupboard sits over the tank of the toilet and the legs stretch out down the sides of the can, so the final product is extra and alluring extra room over the can that doesn’t occupy significant floor room. This is a very productive method for benefiting from the restricted space accessible to you in the room and amplifies the measure of things you may store without jumbling the zone.

These kinds of cupboards are extraordinary for putting away additional towels and washcloths, additional bathroom tissue, tissues, shampoos and conditioners, and shower toys. Washroom stockpiling cupboards might be useful to anybody that needs a spot to put shower extras. The royal bathrooms offer all these categories with extra care in terms of free home delivery, exchange policy, and lifetime warranty.

Protect your TV Through the best Insurance Cover

According to a recent study, the Indian television market is expected to cross the $13 billion by 2023. In the last few decades, the Indian television market has grown exponentially due to technological advances and rise in demand. Keeping in line with this, TV prices have also increased rapidly.

Thus, purchasing a TV insurance policy is a nifty idea to safeguard this investment from any unforeseen incidents like theft, fire, accidental damage, etc.

Reasons to purchase a TV insurance policy

LED, LCD, and smart TVs are some of the modern TV sets available in the market currently. These TV sets are equipped with a wide range of features, and they are expensive. If these TV sets suddenly suffer any damage, it will incur a hefty financial loss to the owner. Thus, to mitigate this risk along with protecting it from other unanticipated accidents, owners can purchase a TV insurance policy.

Benefits of a TV insurance cover

  1. A television insurance cover financially helps the owners to repair the damages in case of accidents like robbery and burglary.
  2. An insurance plan like this covers the appliance of the insured owners from different accidents like fire, explosion, implosion, etc. It also provides coverage against natural calamities like lightning, flood, earthquake, cyclones, etc. along with man-made disasters like strikes and riots.
  3. A television insurance plan provides coverage against accidental damages incurred by a TV set.
  4. Modern and feature-loaded TV sets are expensive to repair, and they incur a substantial repairing cost. In such scenarios, having a TV insurance policy can aid owners financially to tackle this sudden expense.
  5. Thus, owners who are planning to secure their television sets from any accident, as well as a mechanical breakdown and other unforeseen incidents, can purchase such television insurance in India. This insurance policy has an easy and hassle-free claiming process. Policyholders can either call the helpline number or send an SMS or e-mail to initiate the claims process.

Interested individuals can purchase a TV Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv offered under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. An owner can purchase this television insurance plan online by filling up the form. You can initiate the insurance plan by paying the premium with various payment methods available such as UPI, payment cards, mobile wallet, net banking, etc. Owners can purchase this plan for an annual premium of Rs.399 and coverage of up to Rs.50,000. Apart from that, the additional benefits of this policy include –

  • It provides coverage against fire, implosion, explosion along with natural and manmade calamities.
  • This policy will provide you coverage against theft and burglary along with any accidental damage occurred to it.
  • It will also assist the owner financially in case their TV sets suffer any mechanical breakdown or electrical failure. The insurance provider will pay for the repairing charges as well as spare parts.

Apart from this TV insurance policy, individuals can opt for a kitchen appliances insurance plan to avail coverage for appliances like chimneys, counter-top microwave, mixers, juicers, etc. This plan protects appliances from fire, explosions, implosions, and several natural calamities like flood, cyclone, lightning, etc. It also financially protects against man-made calamities like strikes and riots. This policy also covers kitchen appliances from accidental damages and mechanical breakdowns.

In addition to the above mentioned policies, individuals can opt for a home protection insurance policy in case they are going out of town for a vacation or any other purpose. This policy is useful to protect their belongings from burglary or theft. Purchasing this plan will not only save their TV and other electronic appliances but also provide coverage for furniture, clothes, and money.

Promote the Premium Factor in Your Apple Watch With These 5 Accessories

The Apple Watch is probably the most highly technological accessory you might buy right now. Other than your smartphone, it makes your life really convenient. In fact, pair it to a smartphone, and it can take you places. Isn’t it? Ask the ones who own an Apple Watch. They’ll tell you how delicate it is, not in terms of durability, but in the whole character.

This delicate nature of your Apple Watch is the sole reason why you must own one. It’s not just beautiful in terms of aesthetics but also very elegant in build quality. The overall package you get is worth the price you pay for it.

That’s all with a brief description of how beautiful the Apple Watch is. Now it’s time to take a look at some accessories that help you maintain that build quality. Not only that, but some of these accessories also promote its appearance to a whole another level.

The List of Accessories to Own

As mentioned in the list, relate everything to your situation and imagine how you would make the most out of it. How you utilize an accessory is the ultimate bang for the buck. For your reference, we categorize these items into necessities and luxury.


  • The Apple Watch Screen Protector

Just like you protect your smartphone’s delicate screen with a protector, the same goes with the Apple watch. It is exposed to all outside extremities being on your wrist every time. Any opposing force on its screen can crack it easily. No doubt it might have the hardest unbreakable glass, but you still want it away from all those cracks and scratches. Isn’t it? So, an Apple Watch screen protector is a must no matter the purpose for which you bought the Apple watch.

The availability of a dedicated Apple Watch screen protectors is immense. Just don’t fall for the hype. Go for the official protectors on the site or from someone who is reputed seller.

  • The Apple watch Bumper Case

Consider your smartphone. Do you not put on a silicone cover at the back to protect its body. It protects the screen as well. So, along with the screen protector, a bumper case to withstand outside shocks is also essential. Indirectly, it also protects the screen from cracking from the other side of the watch. No matter which side of the watch is up, the whole damage should be avoided.

Any breakage on the inside of the watch can cause it to misbehave. After all, there are many elements in that small piece of technology. The touch, display, processor, heartbeat sensor, etc. You can get the exact bumper case in terms of colours and sizes for your Apple watch. Just go through some websites that are official dealers.


  • Collection of Apple Watch Bands

Any wristwatch enthusiast might have a whole collection of premium watches from established brands. It’s no surprise considering the collection as all that fulfils the person’s requirements. Now consider buying an Apple watch. After all, it’s one of a kind among those masterpieces. While changing the dial every time you go out can prove to be expensive, it’s better to have a collection of Apple Watch bands.

For premiumness seekers, the Apple Watch leather buckle loop is ideal. For frequent formal event-goers, the Milanese loop Apple watch band can do the trick. For all those sports lovers, the Apple watch sport band is perfect. You don’t have any shortage of options. It’s just about assessing your requirements.

  • The Apple Watch Bands Collector

Just like the Apple Watch dial, Apple Watch bands are all very delicate. Especially the ones big for formal events. To save them from any scratch or crack, there’s an Apple watch bands collector. After all, you use only one Apple Watch band at one time. The others have to be preserved as a brand new for longer. The Apple Watch bands collector helps you in a structured environment to never let their beauty fade away.

  • The Apple Watch Stand

If you’re wondering what will the watch do if it’s not on your wrist. It will go straightway onto that Apple Watch stand that never lets her touch an unwanted surface. The Apple Watch has a polished set of covers that are prone to scratches. The Apple Watch stand lets it hang in the air along with your smartphone. Some might consider it as a luxury, but we find it necessary.

  • The Apple Watch Wireless Charger

We consider the Apple Watch wireless charger a luxury for all those quick movers. As the name suggests, the wireless charger lets the watch to charge just when you put it on that electromagnetic surface. It can be used for your smartphones as well. And if you have used that conventional Apple Watch charger, you might know it’s not the most ergonomic alternative.

The categorization of your luxury Apple Watch accessories has been done on some basis. You can still put them in a different category for yourself. The end goal is to promote that elegance that the Apple Watch brings with it.

Understanding your Credit Report

A credit report is a financial statement of the past credit history which evaluates the credit behaviour based on factors like payment of credit card dues and other advances taken from financial institutions. In India, the primary agency that provides credit report of every individual is CIBIL or Credit Information Bureau.

There are primarily 3 components of a credit report: 


Personal information: A credit report has necessary personal information such as name, address and details of the employers. All the demographic and identical information such as date of birth, contact details and PAN details are part of credit reports.

Accounts: The financial information such as advances taken, payment record of credit cards and advances and the outstanding balance of all the credit is the major part of the credit report. It also includes all the names of lenders, nature of the loan, the total amount of loan, interest rates of borrowing and outstanding amount of credits. 

Enquiries: The details of the company who have made a query about the credit report of the borrowers is also an essential component of the credit report. If multiple enquiries are made without the loan application being accepted, and the loan amount is disbursed.

Checking credit report: You can check your free credit report online with a few clicks. The process of checking the credit report is more relaxed and less time-consuming.

Here are some benefits of checking a credit report: Checking your credit report is significant because:

Know about your credit standing: The Cibil score range between 300 and 900 and 900 is considered as the highest CIBIL score. Cibil score required varies for every product from bank to bank. Generally, a Cibil score of 650 or more is regarded as a good score by banks and financial institutions. Knowing your creditworthiness is essential so that you can maintain your CIBIL score if you have a good credit score and in case of poor credit score, you can take measures to improve your credit report.

Getting better interest rates: If you have a credit score of more than 750, then banks offer loans at lower rates of interest. You should evaluate your credit report on a timely basis so that you can negotiate with the banks to get loans at an attractive rate of interest.

Checking the accuracy of credit report: If there are errors in the credit report, you can contact credit bureaus and banks to get corrections in your credit report. An accurate credit report is essential to avail the credit in future.

Getting pre-approved loan offers: Various banks and financial institutions provide pre-approved loan offers to the borrowers for different credit ranges. Pre-approved loan offers are essential as they provide loans at an attractive rate of interest. You can get appropriate loan offers if you have a better idea about your credit report.

Here are different credit score ranges:

If the borrowers have not taken any loan or not used the credit cards, then it indicates that they don’t have any credit history and they will have a CIBIL score of NA/NH which means it is either “not applicable” or no history”.

  • CIBIL score between the range of 300-599 is considered as a poor CIBIL score. With this credit score, there are more chances of getting a loan application rejected as the borrowers have a high risk of becoming a defaulter. 
  • If you have a CIBIL score between the range of 550-649, then the chances of getting a loan approved are low. This range is considered a fair range, but only a few lenders would consider providing credit if they have a credit score in this range. 
  • The credit score between the range of 650-749 is considered as a good CIBIL score. The financial institutions may approve the loan application quickly but may still charge a high-interest rate on the loans.
  • The CIBIL score in the range 750-900 is considered as an excellent CIBIL score. The chances of getting a loan approved at best interest rates are higher if the credit score is between this range. 

If you have a poor credit score here are some tips to improve your credit report:

  • Paying the credit card dues on time: To improve your credit card report make timely payment of all your credit card dues on a timely basis. Delaying the credit card payments not only means you have to pay the penalty fees, but it will also impact the credit score poorly.
  • Utilization of credit cards: The purchasing behaviour of a borrower can be determined by the purchase history using the credit cards. If the borrower is over utilizing the credit card, then it may indicate that they have poor spending behaviour. Banks or financial institutions usually keep a check on the proportion of payments done using the credit cards to the limit of the credit cards.
  • Don’t apply for loan too often: If you are making multiple hard enquiries, then it can affect your credit report negatively. Applying for multiple loans at the same time indicates that you are credit hungry. To improve the credit report, you shouldn’t apply for multiple loans at the same time.
  • Don’t default on EMI’S: Defaulting on the loan advances can impact your credit report severely. Make sure that you repay all the loans on time. If there is any pending payment, it will lead to a poor credit score.
  • Getting the right mix of credit: If you have taken more number of unsecured loans, then it is indicative of a weak credit report. To improve the credit report, the borrowers must choose the right mix of credit. For instance, secured loans like a home loan or a car loan can have a positive impact on the credit report.

Thus, a credit report is an essential tool based on which banks and financial institutions lend credit to borrowers. A good credit report means a good credit score and maintaining a good credit report can help borrowers to avail a loan at attractive interest rates.


Comparison of Different Gold Loan Offers from Different Banks

A gold loan is a secured loan in which borrowers have to pledge their gold futures to meet their personal and business needs. A gold loan is available for a tenure of 1 day to 36 months and can be repaid using various flexible methods such as bullet repayment, EMI scheme and Overdraft scheme. The gold rate in India starts at 9.15% and the maximum gold rate stands at 11.25%.

Here is a comparison of different gold loan offers:

Bank Gold Loan Interest Rates Processing Fee Max Tenure
SBI Gold Loan 9.15% 0.50% of the loan amount  36 months
Muthoot Gold Loan 12.00% 0.25% to 1% of loan amount. 36 months
Manappuram Gold Loan 12.00% Rs. 10 (to be paid at time of settlement) 12 months
HDFC Bank 10.50% Nil* to 1.50% 24 months
IIFL 9.24% Nil 11 months
Yes Bank 11.25% 0.75%, Minimum Rs. 500 36 months
ICICI Bank 10.00% 1% of the loan amount 12 months
Federal Bank 11.75% Nil 12 months
Canara Bank 9.85% 1% of the loan amount 12 months
Andhra Bank 10.70% Nil processing fees 12 months
Axis Bank 9.75% 1% plus GST as applicable 24 months
IndusInd Bank 11.25% Upto 1% of loan amount s 12 months
PNB 10.05% upfront fees of 0.70% of loan amount + taxes 12 months


SBI bank: Presently, SBI provides the lowest Gold rate in India at 9.15%. SBI bank also charges a processing fee of 0.50 % of the loan amount. The amount of gold loan offered by SBI bank varies from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 20 Lakhs depending on the quality of gold futures. If you wish to prepay the gold loan taken from SBI bank you don’t need to pay any prepayment charges. If you want to repay the loan, you can do so by paying the entire principal amount at the end of tenure using the bullet repayment method.

Muthoot Finance Bank: Presently, you can get a gold loan from Muthoot Finance Bank at the gold loan rate of 12%. Bank also charges a processing fee of 0.25% to 1% of the loan amount. You can get a loan amount between the range of Rs.1500 to Rs. 1 Crore. The loan is available for a tenure of 7 days to 36 months, and you don’t have to pay any prepayment charges if you wish to prepay the loan. You can use the EMI scheme and bullet repayment schemes to repay the loan taken from Muthoot bank.

Mannappuram Bank: Mannappuram bank offers a gold loan at an interest rate of 12%. It also charges a processing fee of Rs.10, which is paid at the time of settlement of the gold loan. The gold loan tenure ranges between 1 day to 12 months. There are no prepayment charges in case you want to prepay the loan before the loan tenure. The loan can be repaid using flexible methods such as EMI and bullet repayment schemes.

Canara Bank: Getting a gold loan from Canara Bank can be a good option as Canara Bank offers one of the lowest gold rates in India. You can get a gold loan at an interest rate of 9.85%. However, you have to pay a processing fee of 1% of the loan amount for a tenure of 12 months. Bank charges nil prepayment charges in case of prepayment of the loan. The loan can be repaid by paying the full amount at the end of tenure.

PNB Bank: PNB bank provides gold loans at an interest rate of 10.05%. The processing fees of 0.70% of the loan amount is also charged, along with interest. You can get a gold loan up to Rs. 10 Lakhs for a tenure of 12 months. Also, in the case of prepayment of the loan, you have to pay nil charges. The repayment of the loan can be done using the EMI Scheme, Bullet Repayment Scheme, Overdraft Scheme.

Andhra Bank: The gold rate for Andhra Bank starts at an interest rate of 10.70%. Unlike most of the banks, Andhra bank does not charge any processing fees for getting a gold loan. The loan is available for Rs 10,000 to Rs. 2 Crore for a loan tenure of 3 months to 12 months. There are nil prepayment charges of Andhra bank. Also, the loan can be repaid using the bullet repayment scheme.

Best Bank for getting a gold loan: Presently, SBI bank provides the gold loan at the lowest rate of interest. In terms of processing fees, HDFC Bank, IIFL, Federal Bank are the best banks as they don’t charge any processing fees.

Summary: Comparison of different Gold Loan offers from different Banks

A gold loan is a secured loan in which borrowers have to pledge their gold futures to meet their personal and business needs. A gold loan is available for a tenure of 1 day to 36 months.

SBI bank

  • Provides the gold loan at 9.15%.
  • Charges a processing fee of 0.50 % of the loan amount.
  • Loan amount varies from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 20 Lakhs.
  • Repay the loan using the bullet repayment method.

Muthoot Finance Bank

  • You can get a gold loan at the gold loan rate of 12%.
  • Bank also charges a processing fee of 0.25% to 1% of the loan amount.
  • You can get a loan amount between the range of Rs.1500 to Rs. 1 Crore.
  • The loan is available for a tenure of 7 days to 36 months.
  • You can use the EMI scheme and bullet repayment schemes to repay the loan

Manappuram Bank 

  • Manappuram bank offers a gold loan at an interest rate of 12%.
  • It also charges a processing fee of Rs.10, which is paid at the time of settlement of the gold loan.
  • The gold loan tenure ranges between 1 day to 12 months.
  • The loan can be repaid using flexible methods such as EMI and bullet repayment schemes.

Canara Bank: 

  • You can get a gold loan at an interest rate of 9.85%.
  • You have to pay a processing fee of 1% of the loan amount for a tenure of 12 months.
  • The loan can be repaid by paying the full amount at the end of tenure.

Andhra Bank

  • The gold rate for Andhra Bank starts at an interest rate of 10.70%.
  • Andhra bank does not charge any processing fees for getting a gold loan.
  • The loan is available for Rs 10,000 to Rs. 2 Crore for a loan tenure of 3 months to 12 months.


What is Microsoft Excel and how to handle its assignment for better grades?

Microsoft Excel or MS Excel is also known as a spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel is compatible with Apple, Windows, IOS and Mac OS and it is developed and designed by Microsoft. There are many purposes which can be easily served with the help of Microsoft office. We can calculate numbers, make tables, use graphing tools and many more. This is the basic introduction of Microsoft Excel. 

Students who pursue their academic careers in computer science are well aware of Microsoft Excel as they need to make several Microsoft Excel assignments in their academics. Microsoft Excel has various complex functions that cannot be understood without any guidance. And when students need to make an assignment on such topics about which they don’t have any knowledge they search for Microsoft excel assignment help and use various external methods for solving their assignments. 

Today in this article we are going to discuss the reasons why students need to have Microsoft Excel assignment help and how they can handle their academic task of assignment in an effective manner. So keep reading to know and resolve all your worries within a minute

Reasons why do students search for Excel assignment help?

Microsoft Excel is not just limited to a few functions which you can learn overnight. For having good knowledge about Microsoft Excel you need to put your 100 percent and try to practice as much as you can. Nowadays academics are full of writing tasks and if you are students would be aware of the hectic schedule of academics. Students are required to perform their best in every academic task in order to prove themselves that they are capable enough for upcoming career challenges. 

Due to such situations, sometimes students don’t get enough time for their academic task of writing and fail to accomplish their assignments in a given time frame. This is the reason why students search for Microsoft word assignment help so that they could accomplish the task and minimize their academic stress of writing. However there are some other reasons for seeking Excel homework help that is listed below

  • When students don’t have enough understanding of Excel questions.
  • When students don’t know how to use Excel software for their academic task of writing. 
  • When they don’t have problem-solving skills
  • When they don’t have enough time to complete their assignment

Why taking online assistance for Excel assignments is a wise decision

When you opt for online homework assistance for  Excel assignments you get help from those who are well versed with Microsoft Excel. And they know about all the possible areas where students may face difficulties. So they help them in such a manner so that student can easily resolve their all academic worries of writing. 

With the help of assignment experts, you can handle all the difficulties in your assignment and get good grades. For getting problem-solving guidance online homework assistance is one of the best and most popular methods. Assignment expert provides you assistance for your every single query and they can help you to overcome academic worries of writing. They do not only organize your assignment but also help you to complete the Excel homework assignment. They provide all the important tips and tricks which can simplify your academic task of assignments. 

How do homework help websites work?

Homework help website not only provides your assistance from experts but also provides you many services which you can use for your academic task of writing. And accomplish all your pending work. 

Some of the unique services provided by assignment help websites are listed below:


Taking online assistance is quite cost-efficient and you can avail the services without putting any kind of stress on your pockets.  You can use assignment help service from any corner of the world. Suppose you want online assignment help in Singapore then you just need to search for a homework help website and you will get proper assistance for your query in no matter how far you are. 

On time delivery

If you buy online assistance from any reliable homework help website you will never face any kind of deadline issues and get your work in a given time frame.

Live tracking facility

Once you place your order you get tracking ID for your order by which you can track the status of your work and check the progress.


As we can see Excel assignments can be tricky if you don’t have proper guidance and work support. But if you take online assistance then you can easily handle your academic task of writing and submit your work in a given time frame. So if you are still struggling with your pending assignments then what are you waiting for? Just avail homework help services and resolve all your worries of writing

How To Write & Edit Medical School Personal Statements

Not every medical school applicant is a writer, and many are unable to express the central concept of their personal statements. Some may also be in a dilemma about how to start the personal statements. This piece of writing addresses explicitly the issues pertaining to the “how-to” portion of creating a personal statement.


  1. Draw in the reader – Not only should the personal statement have a sense of immediacy but should also draw in the reader’s attention and showcase the big-picture of the entire statement. The statement should also show the process that one has taken to understand the medical profession and, while at it, convey the broader interest areas while choosing a specialization in the future. Often, it’s the first paragraph that needs to stand out and draw the entire attention of the reader, keeping them engaged in the thoughts and inner dialogue understanding the applicant’s perspective. So make sure to keep the first paragraph intriguing and compelling in nature.
  2. Choose the Content Very Wisely – Making a decision to become a medical practitioner is not done in the spur of a moment, nor does it come from a single defining moment. In fact, when someone chooses to apply themselves to a medical school, a series of events usually bring them to make a decision as huge as this. That being considered, it can be a hard decision to include just a selective few defining moments to make up the entire content of the personal statement. In that case, it’s imperative to take some moments to reflect upon the experiences and then make a wise decision about which ones to include in the content.
  3. Show without telling – Good piece of writing consists of showing rather than telling. You cannot directly tell about your ‘compassion’ to serve the community; it will make one look like a prude. Instead, showcase those qualities by convincing the reader about your compassionate behavior through the words chosen to imply this according to the stories you share from the experiences you’ve had. It creates a visual image of your character and makes you a more appealing person than other applicants.
  4. Convey all that you know – Admission committees are always looking to admit those applicants who show not just a keen interest in becoming a practitioner but have tested well in the medical profession. Your professional qualifications and understanding show that this decision is not a wimpy one but that it is well-informed and realistic. Through the content of the entire statement shows an amassed experience that enlightened the understanding of the realities of the profession. This is the time to confirm one’s interest in the medical profession through your clinical and medical experiences.
  5. Be logical – Often, most people’s personal statement drafts are very hard to follow. That happens because of the breaks and pauses implied into the text by not connected experiences and showing the right trajectory. Collect all that you want to say, stand back and be logical in the way the personal statement is formulated. The statement should show the gradual yet clear trajectory of one’s life towards medicine. From the very first sentence, make sure that there’s a certain fluidity in the flow of the prose. It should be able to tangibly show the scale of development in the journey up to this point.
  6. Keep a Journal – Keeping a journal can be very handy to note down the experiences that one’s gone through and especially also for those who are a couple of years removed from writing the personal statement. It’s a good space to note down the reflections and experiences that they have with patients. It can serve as the right space to showcase the draft of the trajectory towards making this decision to study medicine.

Editing the Personal Statements

Even with all the precautions taken during the writing and reflection stage, getting a set of second eyes can always come in handy when it comes to accomplishing one of the biggest dreams of medical school applicants – getting admitted to the school of their choice! With the help of medical school consultants, you can always get them to analyze your tone, content, word-choice, and convey a powerful message.

Signs Your Hot Water System Needs A Plumber!

A leaking hot water system can be a tedious task to sort. Just simply think of a flooded bathroom and paying a hefty water bill. So it is always to have a bit of knowledge beforehand as it can help respond during an emergency leakage, and before your lovely home turns into a flooded area. If in any situation, if you find the same, then you should call a professional plumber straight away to get it serviced or replaced as the leakage can significantly affect the heating system and the surrounding space.

In general, the leaks can typically begin from the outlet and inlet connections that are located inside the system or tank itself. If not put to the right situation, the chances can be that the silly mould can build up, and can pose health problems.

Firstly, you should be fully aware of the underlying reasons for a hot water system leaking. Let’s take a look!

Broken tank

Commonly, water heaters include a lined storage tank that is made of fine glass. Over time, the minerals present in the water can harden and form deposits inside the tank, which can gradually break the glass lining. This breakage can lead to a severe leak. And whenever the water is heated, it enlarges to a certain extent that produces a harsh strain on the glass lining. Yes, the excess train breaks the glass lining. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the leaking hot water system. Now, why is it important? Because the developed cracks in the glass lining cannot be repaired anyhow. If ignored, then those cracks will make situations worse than expected.


It is said that most of the water heaters have a minimum lifespan of at least 8-10 years. If yours is also near to the date or has already surpassed the time, then chances can be that you need to get it maintained or replaced. So rather than waiting for it to trouble you, better ask for professional help, and find a licensed plumber near you. Make sure that the services offered come with a warranty period. In simple words, once the water heater passes this extent, then is the time to get it replaced or serviced. Because, once the inner parts break down, the leaks can even flow to your entire bathroom.

Excess pressure

Many times, the hot water system leaking also happens due to excess stress. The other reason can be the external water supply source that may have excess stress, or when the water temperature eventually reaches higher degrees.

So overall, the safest way to resolve this and not to suffer any long term damage is to call a professional plumber near you. Below we have listed a few tips and tricks that can help you locate a reliable plumber in your city.

  • The foremost thing you can stick to is asking for their accreditations or credentials. Instead of relying on word of mouth, make sure the plumber has a state license to do the job, and that is the assurance that the expert will efficiently sort the things.
  • A reliable plumber in Gold Coast will always feel free to share their costs for the offered services. So before signing any contract or mutual agreement, ensure to confirm the total costs of the services you are looking for. So you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to simply confirm the service insurance because only certified plumbers will cover the costs of possible damages and losses during the repair time. And even it is a good indicator that you chose someone professional enough for the leaking hot water system maintenance.
  • See if they offer emergency plumbing services or not. Because at times, the issues can arise again, so it is better to hire a plumber who is available in the emergencies as well.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to check their online user feedback at their website or social media page.

With the tips mentioned above and tricks, you will surely find someone credible in the end, and then you are good to go!