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How many type of Scissors are used in medical field?

There are many types of medical scissors, so it can be difficult to keep them straight. Here we take a look at the 5 most popular types of medical scissors, and share the benefits of each type and when you need scissors.

The five types of medical scissors discussed in this article are:

  1. Trauma scissors (trauma scissors)
  2. Bandage scissors
  3. Surgical scissors
  4. May Scissors
  5. Magazine Scissors

These scissors can be used by paramedics, nurses, doctors, vets, and just about anyone in the medical field that cuts materials from skin tissue and badges to clothing. These medical scissors can be found in trauma centers, emergency rooms, medical diagnostic tools and operating rooms.

Types of medical scissors

  1. Trauma scissors

Impact scissors are strong scissors typically used to cut hard materials. As the name suggests, trauma scissors are designed for medical emergencies and can be used by paramedics, military doctors, nurses and other emergencies medical personnel.

Why are trauma scissors used?

Most trauma scissors are intended for external use (not for surgical or invasive procedures). Many of these impact shears recommend the feature shearing ability. Although these types of metal are rarely cut, they can be especially useful when separating an injured victim from seat belts or cutting leather clothing or jeans.

General characteristics of trauma scissors.

  • The wide, bald tip glides over the skin while cutting clothes.
  • Curved design (150°) and durable construction
  • Sturdy, sterile titanium blades

Bandage scissors

Bandage scissors, also known as bandage pliers, are similar in construction to trauma scissors, but slightly smaller. Its main purpose is to cut and remove bandages and bandages. Bandage scissors are made of stainless steel and, like trauma scissors, have a flat surface and sharp edges. The lower, longer blade of the scissors easily fits into bandages, and the sharp edges prevent them from cutting the patient’s skin underneath.

What are the uses of bandage scissors?

Bandage scissors are widely used by nurses and other medical personnel and have three main functions: cutting bandages, removing bandages, and cutting clothing or gauze.

General characteristics of bandage scissors.

  • Inaccurate advice
  • blunt tip on a longer lower knife
  • Serrated edge for cloth cutting and cleaning
  • Stainless steel or titanium blades
  • Durable, non-stick scissors with fluorine-coated handles.

Surgical scissors

Surgical scissors are made for use in surgical and medical procedures that involve cutting human tissue and dressings. Surgical scissors differ from other scissors in that they are very sharp and made of sterile stainless steel. There are many different types of surgical scissors, depending on the medical application.

Why are surgical scissors used?

In surgery, surgical scissors can be used to remove dead skin or dissolve tissue. Outside of operations, they can also serve as a wardrobe set up or as an aspiration aid.

Common features of surgical scissors.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Autoclave serializable
  • Very sharp, but can also be sharpened if it loses its sharpness.
  • Blades can be curved, angled, straight, with sharp or blunt ends (depending on intended use)

Mayo scissors

Here’s a fun fact: Mayo Clinic developed Mayo scissors. Hence the name. Good? Either way, Mayo scissors are surgical scissors typically used to cut thick tissue as a facial treatment. They are usually made of stainless steel or titanium and both can be autoclaved. There are several additional types of mayonnaise shears, including a straight blade and a curved blade. They are also called metzenbaums

What are the uses of Mayo scissors?

Mayo scissors have a translucent tip, which makes them slightly different from most surgical scissors and are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including podiatry and veterinary surgery.

Mayo straight scissors can cut tissue close to the wound surface and are also used to cut valves. They are sometimes called “sewing scissors”.

Mayonnaise shears with curved blades can cut deeper into mud than variable blades with straight blades. Some of the thicker tissues that Mayo curved scissors cut into include the muscles, uterus, chest, and legs.

Common Features of Mayo. Scissors

  • Stainless steel or titanium
  • About 6 inches long
  • With c, the blades can be flat and round, curved or straight

Iris scissors

Another small surgical scissor, the iris scissors, has a small sharp tip that is made specifically for eye surgery but can also be used for other operations that require detailed work. These scissors are available in a curved or straight design. Curved loader scissors are best for tracing the curves of fabric in small spaces and for making straight cuts on flat surfaces.

What are the uses of iris scissors?

Known as journal forceps in the UK and Asia, these journals are used in eye surgery. In addition to healthcare, iris scissors can also be used in arts and crafts and the manufacture of textile-related items.