A Guide on Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring for Women

Since the inception of civilization, jewelry has been the most prevalent form of gifts for women. They have always loved adorning these beautiful pieces. Most of these items are made from expensive metals and are studded with precious gemstones. 

When it comes to the commitment story there is no wonder why engagement rings have been preferred for centuries. This is how you can celebrate this special occasion like engagement and show your affection towards your partner. 

Today, the market is flooded with exclusive ranges of engagement rings for women. Surely your soon to be bride is going to twinkle her fingers with the latest designs and collections. A diamond embellishment engagement ring is worth gifting as a forever love symbol. 

Let us see the amazing assortment of collections in the engagement rings for women. 

Collection of Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

  • Nature Loving Outdoorsy Girl

This is specially designed for bubbly women who love exploring the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Your soul-mate will love this engagement ring that imbibes nature’s element in its design and pattern. 

The design includes flowers and leaves with the engagement ring’s unique gemstone such as emeralds. You can select the setting in the diamond that properly hugs and cling all around the girdle. An active outdoor lady needs to have her diamonds secured in a cathedral style in the ring.

  • The Classy and Traditional Lady

The good old classic solitaire is another stunning piece that enhances the beauty in the finger of your lady. This timeless collection features a central diamond stone that gets all the attention with nothing else to focus on. 

Whether it is a diamond engagement rings oval or round, the style remains popular through the ages. There are various settings like trellis or basket that renders a beautiful design in the ring. If your better half is inclining towards the glamour side, a band of tiny diamond accents in the engagement ring. 

  • The Bold and Outspoken Lady 

If your soul-mate is bold and outspoken, she needs gemstones that speaks volume. Diamond is a good option, but can you look for other options in gemstones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald. There is no need to get it twisted with designs. A single stone will reflect the whole story. 

The accents with small diamonds encircling the whole stone make it appealing to the eyes. Moreover, get a combination of two stones with engagement rings diamond and sapphire. 

  • The Glamour Socialite

For a party lover and socialite queen who frequents the city’s happening areas, a jewelry item dazzling with glamour does the best job. Get some designs that hold the diamond in an elevated position or something that features the diamond ring in a different setup. 

A halo design is an excellent choice for a woman who loves to rule the crowd and stand apart. It features a big solo diamond with a plated ring studded with mini diamond crystals. 

  • The Upbeat and Fashionable Girl of Today

In recent times, many girls are conscious when it comes to making a fashion decision. If you pay closer attention to the needs of your partner, they are always looking for unconventional, modern, and rare designs. 

This remains true for selecting the engagement ring as well. Your choice has to be different to bring a smile to the face of your partner. Go for the various open ring designs in precious metals like platinum and gold with small diamond embedments that make the engagement rings unique from the popular bandwagon. 

  • The Cheerful and Dreamy Romantic

A girl who loves romantic movies and likes pretty things, consider picking sophisticated designs in engagement rings. Diamond rings with enamel objects like butterflies, hearts, flowers, and others make the design irresistible. This new age feature is something to look forward to gift your partner. 

It brings a fusion of the traditional classic design pattern with the latest unparalleled artistry. It allows you to steer away from the conventional fashion but at the same it the diamond gemstone setting in a new arrangement. 

  • The Minimalistic Yet the Prettiest

If your better half is craving elegance in a minimalist design, you need to reflect before selecting the engagement ring. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on the ring’s design and detailing. A minimalistic design can be equally pretty, featuring those dainty, filigree, and intricate galleries. 

There are plenty of design options to consider, such as wavy, leafy, intertwined, twisted, braided, and many others. Highlighting the bands of tiny diamonds in these arrangements gives a stellar appeal to the finger. 

Bottom Line

The handful of knowledge shared through this article brings you a step closer to deciding and gifting a perfect engagement ring for your lady love. Evaluate the designs and clarify every aspect of the diamond ring carefully. 

This will serve as a reliable guide for taking the final decision and purchasing the ring for engagement.

Avoid Crowdfunding Fail With These Points

Crowdfunding only seems to be easy, so manageable but it isn’t. The reality is that it takes a lot of sweat and dedication to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It isn’t possible to get the job done with the help of one person, this is where the public relations firms get in the game to make it all happen. Public relations companies spend time and money organizing their campaigns and working them out.

It is completely fine that we humans are bound to make mistakes, but what matters is how we learn from them. More important is that we don’t repeat them again. Below mentioned are some of the mistakes that happen when crowdfunding is setup. Read carefully:

●    Not screening your campaigning for a review:

This is a significant cause of failures in the campaign. Invite all your subscribers, family-friends, and supporters to study your campaign and offer their inputs before releasing your campaign to the world.

Go for a  screening test for an emotional bond and offering you a chance to assess your message objectively. Think it a private launch, and ask your private audience to finance the initiative as well.

●    Not sufficient social capital:

The topmost reason why most campaigns fail is the lack of social capital. Hitting the key goal of achieving at least 30 percent of your funding target in the first 48 hours is crucial.

If you do not have a large network of friends, family donors and more ready to fund your campaign, then it is important to launch with a bang and eventually campaign success to perform pre-launch marketing activities to create a targeted email list of potential backers. This can be made possible with the help of a Public relations agency.

●    Lack of frequency and consistency:

It is always said aloud that “consistency is the key to success.”Consistency is an important part of any campaign for crowdfunding. The frequency of various outlets to meet potential supporters defines the success rate of your campaign. You will detach them from your campaign objectives by not producing social networking updates, email newsletters, Instagram articles, photos, and videos to meet your backers at the proposed pace.

●    Not being prepared to serve as a customer service desk:

It is normal for hundreds and even thousands of inquiries, emails, and feedback about the campaign, incentives, and the final product to be launched and collected by a campaign. Makers must be ready to cope with the amount of contact needed by crowdfunding and have a strategy. It has been shown that effective communication techniques mostly during a campaign make a campaign more likely to be successful. Have a strategy for the audience and interact freely. The more likely you are to make your campaign go viral, the more you can incorporate your supporters to get them excited about your campaign and get your audience to share it as much as possible.

●    Poor Content:

What they see is what they understand theory is going to work here! If a photo is worth a thousand words, then it is best for you to make sure that it says the right thing. Your photos should help you tell the story and should be succinct, well thought out, and consistent with your messaging. Using a professional photographer and a copywriter is always necessary. Nothing undermines the confidence of your audience in you quicker than a poor first impression.

●    Failure to launch your campaign using a successful marketing plan:

Always launch your campaign to match it with your marketing strategy. Employ a PR team if possible to understand and raise the interest of your early supporters. Effective crowdfunding campaigns tell their followers well ahead about their launch date and add drum-rolls to their campaigns.

While you take care of these mistakes not to happen, always remember to include a public relations agency when it comes to crowdfunding. For several reasons! Most importantly, to make it happen and spread the word presence of a public relations agency is very important. Get in touch with public relations firms especially the ones who hold crowdfunding experience.

Apply these 6 rules with presentation packaging & get ahead of your competitors

The new packaging is used in the market is simply matchless in the potentials from the protection of the placed products to ensuring better exposure to them in the market. All the businesses in the market want their packaging to be superior in the visual appeal and the dynamic protective nature to make a name for their brand in consumers’ minds. Presentation packaging manufactured with top-notch cardboard materials can be perfect as they are highly customizable and serve the protective functions with greater effectiveness. The design’s printing options are also perfect for promotional efforts and serve endless benefits to the businesses.

An Overview

The packaging is the essential need of every business as it helps the marketers keep damaging and contaminating factors away from the products in an ultimate manner, and the elevated visuals that are perfect for raising the exposure to goods in the market. The traditionally used packaging designs lacked the charm to promote the products as they were standard in size and shape, along with the limited printing and lamination options. The new packaging is used in the market is totally in contrast with the traditional packaging designs. It can be customized in any desired dimensions to meet the products’ precise requirements and superior customizable characteristics. The cardboard and Kraft materials used in the market are highly customizable and printable due to their versatile nature and the advanced printing and customization techniques available for these products. These boxes are not perfect for protecting the products but are also considered a perfect promotional tool for businesses.

Why the presentation matters so much?

The products’ visuals and presentations in front of consumers matter a lot. Because the market is one of the most competitive places for businesses to sustain their sales, businesses are opening their ways for the consumers and providing their product at competitive rates. The wide array of options available to the consumers in the market makes it highly difficult for them to settle for one product. They are always dependent on the visual appeal of the products to help them in the purchase decision. The visuals of the packaging are like the face of business in front of consumers. And it is always important for the brands to make the visuals of their products alluring for the consumers to elevate their sales in a better manner. Custom presentation boxes can prove to be their best companion in the process with many desired graphics.

Rules for better packaging

If you want to elevate your brand’s sales by the use of creative and captivating packaging, the first step is to design the cardboard presentation boxes as best as they can be. You have to focus on many factors for the process as you have to make sure that there is a consistent branding theme on your packaging and all the communicative elements being at the desired placement. Here are the rules you should follow to design the best for your brand.

Name positioning 

While designing the packaging for your brand, one of the most important points is to ensure the essential information’s proper placements. It helps elevate the recognition of the products in the market and helps your brand elevate exposure to your products. The packaging design is more like the businesses’ sales executive that helps the businesses introduce their products to the consumers. Always make sure that the business’s name and logo are optimally placed on custom presentation boxes and provides vivid visibility.

Add all the essential details

The packaging design used by your brand for the promotional process is not only for protecting products but also for communicating with the consumers. It is always important for you to highlight all the details of products on the boxes and provide the consumers with a solid reason to prefer your product line. You can use digital and offset printing for this process and make sure that all the details are printed in bold and clear fonts. Introduce the information related to the product’s richness, its contents, uniqueness, and pricing factor on the boxes for the best results.

Only introduce quality

The packaging is considered the face of your brand in your consumers’ hands, and it is important for you to always use quality materials for it. Consumers focus on all the aspects of packaging and pay close attention to details. You need to use premium quality materials and superior printing and lamination options that can reflect the top-notch nature of the products to the consumers. The process is also perfect for helping you elevate the reputation of your business in the market.

Consistent branding

The packaging used by your brand for the presentation of products is one of the perfect marketing tools and can serve crucial functions for your business. The market’s competition is growing every day, and you need to differentiate your products to raise sales effectively. You should maintain a consistent branding theme on the packaging to elevate your products’ recognition along with the use of your logo.

Make the visuals captivating

The visual appeal of your products is one of the top factors that help you get better sales in the market and fosters loyalty in consumers’ minds. They are also important for influencing the consumers’ purchase action and making the sales of business derive higher. Use creatively designed artwork and vivid colors following your target audience’s preferences to hook their attention with greater efficacy.

Invest in sustainability

Due to the market conditions and global warming risks, all the businesses are now shifting to sustainable packaging options. This way, they help reflect the business’s ecologically conscious nature to the consumers and minimize the carbon footprint. Cardboard boxes can prove to be a prime choice in such conditions as sustainable and functional, both at a time and can also be recycled and customized.

The Meaning Behind The Rose Gold Elephant Necklace.

There are uncountable designs and patterns of necklaces available out there. These designs are positively gorgeous, and you no doubt love to pair them with the perfect outfit. They add an elegant shimmer to your outfit and enhance the charm. But not every jewelry you buy is only meant for fashion. Some pieces are imbued with meaning; they have a reason behind why people wear them. People love to wear jewelry with symbols; these symbols empower them. Some of them boost positive energy or bring good luck. You must have heard of various good luck charms like the turtle, laughing buddha, and more.

Similarly, the rose gold elephant necklace is inspired by beliefs. In this article, we are going to explore the meaning behind elephant jewelry. Did you know that the elephant pendant in your cupboard holds a meaning? If not, read ahead to learn more.

Elephants are symbols of different things in various cultures. That is why those gorgeous elephant jewelry has become so popular these days. The elephant necklaces are a fetish for strength for determination, and character. These necklaces are handcrafted in solid sterling silver, and the experts give them detailings with traditional elephant marking. You can get a fantastic collection featuring beautifully designed elephant necklaces.

What do elephants symbolize?

Elephants are widely known as a symbol of strength and good fortune. People also buy elephant jewelry because they symbolize health and happiness and bring spiritual well-being in life. Like tiny heart necklaces, the online jewelry stores also have little elephant necklaces. These do not only look elegant but also bring positivity to your life. As family pets, elephants are strong and nurturing, loyal to a family, and are protective. Wearing elephant necklaces reminds you to be true to yourself and keeping loved ones always close to your heart. Elephants also teach you to overcome life challenges even if you have a little strength but strong determination.

Different cultures have different beliefs, but they all recognize the elephant as a positive talisman. For example, in Hinduism, elephants are known to hold a sacred symbolism. The Hindu God Ganesha has the head of an elephant, and Hindus believe it brings good luck and represents wisdom. At the same time, Buddhists admire elephants for their strength, and they recognize them as the guardian of the temples. Similar to the Christians’ belief in the tiny cross necklace, Buddhists rely on elephants to bring good luck. Many people also hang the statue of an elephant on their houses’ doors to invite good fortune. People even debate on whether the elephant’s trunk should be upward or downward-looking. Some believe that if the trunk is upside, it will bring good luck to the people around it. Others believe that when the trunk is directed downward, the good fortune will flow freely in all directions and to everyone around it. Either way, the elephant is known as a symbol of good wealth and charm to promote good luck to others. You can also buy the rose gold elephant necklace as a gift because it will count as a positive gesture to offer good luck to your close ones.

Wear it as a symbol

You must have heard the beautiful saying, ” an elephant never forgets.” The same goes for the gesture when you offer the necklace to your closed one as a gift. It symbolizes that you will always remember the one to whom you are gifting the necklace. The rose gold elephant jewelry is still a thoughtful, as well as an elegant gift for your closed one. Let them know what you feel about them. As the elephants have a strong bond with their families, you can prefer giving the elephant jewelry to your sister, mother, or daughter. If you receive the same from somebody close, know that you are lucky to have the strength and determination gifted to you. Elephants empower, bring you favorable luck every time you wear them. If you love something like tiny heart necklaces, you must know that the stores provide little elephant necklaces similar to them. So next time you think of buying a gift or a neck piece for yourself, think of this necklace.

Reason For Tough Competition Between Washing Machine Companies

Choosing a washing machine from the wide range and myriad options available can be a humongous task. Adding to the strain is the claim of every manufacturer to be the best washing machine brand in India.

While buying a washing machine, be it of any company including Bosch, Godrej, Haier, IFB, LG, Onida, Videocon, Whirlpool, Siemens, or the more popular Samsung washing machine, it is important to make a comparative list of the prices and features, while also looking at their energy efficiency ratings.

Buying the Best Washing Machine

If truth be told, all washing machines are similar. The difference lies in their level of autonomous use, which means that while some machines may be fully automatic, others are semi-automatic.

The automatic models take the burden of washing the entire laundry off your shoulders, while the semi-automatic ones serve only to spin and wash the clothes. Washing machines also boast of features like top load or front load depending on how you must put the clothes in the machines for a wash.

Some of the best washing machine brand in India like LG, Bosch, IFB, or the Siemens washing machines are reputed for their quality and service after sale. While most brands are available on a global scale, it is IFB that gives tough competition to international brands owing to its looks and latest technology use. The budget-constrained buyers can opt for Godrej or Onida washing machines, as they promise a great deal at low prices.

Brand names and looks are other factors that decide the price of the machine. However, if you are one of those technological nerds, you must opt for the more energy-efficient model. Understanding how these machines are rated and why some of the highest-rated washing machines save on piling electricity bills can help us buy the right washing machine for use.

Buyers Gain as Brands Compete

India is a large, expansive market for washing machine brands looking to increase their base. The Indian washing machine market is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and is growing as an increasing number of Indians can now afford these small pleasures in life.

Research reports suggest how fully automatic washing machines have surpassed the sale and purchase of semi-automatic machines. Rapid urbanization, increased income at disposal, an increase in the number of nuclear families, more working women, and easy financing options have pushed washing machines to the list of utility items, instead of limiting them to luxury goods.

The demand for washing machines is no more limited to be an upper-class choice. You will find one in almost every middle-income household in the country, thus explaining the clamour of brands to get themselves heard and bought by Indian families.

Many washing machine brands boast of the latest technology use, and thus promising a great wash at low energy consumption. Others promise great looks and never-ending offers including discounts and cashback deals. The entry of more players, especially foreign players, has intensified competition between washing machine brands.

The Consumer is the King

Unbiased of the reasons that have led to washing machine companies competing for attention and subsequently purchase, it is the customer that gains in the end. Since the idea is to satisfy the customer ahead of other brands, washing machine companies are constantly working on their technologies and re-inventing themselves in terms of utility and looks.

11 Best Sites to Watch Movies Online Free Full Movie no sign up

The list below will provide you the best sites to watch new release movies online for free without signing up and ads free.
Searching for where to watch movies online free full movie no sign up is not that easy to get the working one. Some end up on-site that is full of ads and that is totally annoying and wasting time and resources.

We know there are a lot of proxy sites that run as free movie streaming sites. In fact, 70% of those sites are proxy sites. But not every proxy site are dangerous to use, but they contain tons of pop up ads that will make our devices exposed to threats.

List of sites to watch movies online free full movie with no signup

As of the writing of this piece of content, all websites listed below are now working and accessible for use.

1 . 123moviesgo. ga

Website: http://123moviesgo.ga/

123Movies free movie streaming sites is among the hottest, and longstanding movie site on this listing. All video content can be on between 480p -1080p and streaming is free from buffering but with little popup ads.

The homepage of this site is extremely clean, simple with just a search bar and Category section for you to filter. Once you pick movies thumbnail, you might need to click the play button more than once to start but this isn’t necessarily in some situation.

2 . Tubi

Website: https://tubitv.com/

Tubi has become a remarkably popular website for streaming free Movies and TV Shows with no plans required. Tubi provides thousands of free online Movies and TV Series, but like many other video content is with ads to maintain their server and take care of others services. Tubi platform monthly traffic is about 300000 and you will experience 2-4 pop ads.

This platform is available as a program inside the Roku Channel listing, Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

3 . AZMovies

Websites: https://azm.to/

AZMovies is another popular free movie streaming site, long-standing streaming website within this listing. AZmovies  movies is offered in great streaming qualities such as 1080p and 720p.

The platform’s motto states, “Watch your favorite video collections here without any restrictions, decide on the movie you like, and play it! It’s free and always will be.”

If you’re searching for an award-winning movie collection across the Globe AzMovies platform is okay and on some other movie series. You can even make use of the search bar to explore for more movies.

4 . Solarmovies.co

Website: https://www1.solarmovies.co/

SolarMovie is among brand new free movie streaming sites and TV Show site that’s gaining more popularity across the globe. It has lots of high-quality free online movie streaming content and even enables users to sign-in to receive updates, creates a playlist, and much more. When using this free online movie streaming site, you will experience 3-5 ads.
On the SolarMovie platform, you can easily filter from Category including genre, date, and country for personalized streaming choices.

5 . Streamm4u.com

Website: http://streamm4u.com/

Streamm4U offers an excellent list of filters to sort through various categories and genres. Users will see different streaming servers listed below the movie. If you notice your movie does not play on the chosen Server, then you may use the backup server as a second option for viewing.

Much like other free movie streaming sites, you might need to click on the play button more than once before the flow starts. However once played, there’s no buffering or lag for almost all titles within Streamm4U.

6 . Moviestars

Website: https://moviestars.to/

Moviestars is a more recent streaming site on this list with a great content library of Movies or Tvseries. One of the best components we found when analyzing Moviestars was the reduced advertisement frequency while browsing and viewing media.

Though this site has fewer site traffic compared to other websites.


7 . Moviesjoy

website: https://www1.moviesjoy.net/

The homepage of MoviesJoy provides a very simple search bar and trending Movies and TV Shows. If you would like to browse for content, you may also select from different categories such as Genre, Country, and much more.

Video are display in 1080p HD and perform extremely fast. But, you may need to close from some advertisements before your chosen content plays.

8 . Stremio
URL: https://www.stremio.com/
It is among those free online movie streaming sites, however there isn’t any instantaneous video watch since they will make you download their program either you’re using Android or PC and other devices.
However, they value it since they have exactly what you want either Tv series assortment and the newest movies for free streaming and download.

9 . Gostream.site

Website: http://gostream.site/

GoStream is a quick working site with tons of content for free movie streaming. Links are supplied in 720p definition and play automatically upon selection. Ad-free and simple to function on any device, you can’t go wrong using this website.

10 . IMDb TV

Website: https://www.imdb.com/tv/

IMDb TV is a streaming website owned and operated by Amazon company that provides movies, documentaries, TV series, and IMDb displays.

You must become a member to use IMDb TV, it works like Tubi. Its free service contains little ads

11 . YesMovies
website: https://www2.yesmovieshd.to/

They’ve small advertisements but you can dismiss it. They have huge quantities of TV show, Thriller, documentaries, along with other videos articles to watch in your home and it is safe to use.

Hot to Maintain Hand Hygiene for Better Germ Protection

Hand hygiene is very important as a contaminated hand can transmit countless diseases like flu, gastrointestinal diseases, and fungal infections. A contaminated hand can transmit numbers of diseases from one person to another. Many respiratory and gastrointestinal infections can lead to severe health complications, especially for the elderly, young children, and those with weakened immune system.

For such reasons you need to make a habit for washing hands with soap & water. And, if such facility is not available, apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers commonly known as IPA hand sanitizers.

Tips to Keep Hand Germ-Free


You might consider washing your hands in these situations –

  • Before and after visiting sick persons
  • After using common washrooms
  • After handling pets
  • After sneezing and coughing
  • While handling or eating food
  • After handling waste products
  • Before and after going into the public.

Plus, you may also follow the tips to wash your hands properly –

  • Rinse your hands with clean running water
  • Use soap and apply thoroughly for at least 15-20 seconds
  • Never forget your wrists, back of the palms, and tip of the fingernails
  • Again, rinse thoroughly to make sure all traces of soap & water is removed
  • Air dry your hands or dry them with a clean towel, paper towels are best for this

Moreover, rings, bands, and wristwatches are good place for germs to hide. If removing them is not possible, try to make sure moving them and wash away microorganisms living there.

Also, consider applying few drops of alcohol-based hand sanitizer when your hands are completely dry, for all-round germ protection.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do not use basin of standing water, rather use running water. As the former can become contaminated with use. Although warm water is better for handwashing (soap lathers well with warm water), cold water is also suitable.

Beware! Avoid hot water as it can affect the oil glands of the skin which may lead to dermatitis.

Soap is very important! Washing hands with soap & water removes more disease-causing germs than washing hands with water alone. If you find irritation using soap, changing your brand will help. Different soaps has different pH – some are neutral, some sightly acidic, and few are slightly alkaline. Moreover, liquid soap is better than bar soap. Concisely, an antibacterial soap offers no advantage over regular soap. Both are effective in removing different disease-causing microorganisms.

In short, care for hands! Washing, hand with soap & water, or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers is one part of hand hygiene. Looking after your skin is equally important, it’s the first line of defence for you against most of the infectious agents. So, try to keep your skin healthy, look after its discomfort, maintain its micro-biome, and keep hygienic. The more healthier your skin is, better the germ-protection.

While we are surrounded by pool of germs, using a skin-friendly alcohol-based hand sanitizer will always be beneficial. It’s a good hand hygiene practice and will help you to keep yourself and loved ones safe from illness.

Top Issue Tracking Tools in 2020

The market is becoming customer-focused and there is a constant need for tools that can help to keep your team organized and work around efficient workflow. Initially, businesses start with an excel sheet to record and track issues but with time, the complexity of the project increases and so does the number of errors. To make things manageable and transparent, businesses tend to look out for solutions that can make things transparent and can be traced in real-time. Issues can’t be tracked with excel sheets at this point and businesses start looking out for issue tracking tools that suit well with their working practice and ensure that all issues can be resolved in a timely manner. 

How does an Issue Tracking Tool work?

This is a software application that works as a ticketing system and manages all sorts of issues. When testing is performed, all bugs are recorded along with complete descriptions and details and assigned to the respective team members as per requirements. Progress of each issue can be monitored and details can be accessed throughout the bug life cycle. Here is the list of top 5 issue tracking tools that can meet testing needs from small firms to large enterprises. 


This issue tracking tool can be used to manage your application’s lifecycle while providing an extended list of features. From test case management to issue tracking to handling complete projects, this is all in one tool which saves your time and efforts exponentially. It helps you to keep track of all functionalities taking place and can effortlessly associate the issue with the failed test case due to which bug was encountered. This tool also allows you to effortlessly integrate with third party tools such as Jira, Redmine, etc. Having a powerful visual dashboard also gives it an edge over other tools as it is easy to interpret results and to take decisions. 


If you are planning to win your clients for life then this is the tool to go for. This omnichannel multipurpose tool works on AI and comes up with self-service solutions along with bots to easily manage most of your tasks. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks which eventually saves time and effort. It helps you to easily exceed customers’ expectations as you can prioritize and categorize the tickets so that you do not lose track at any point. 


It works as a blog storage and collects all the information regarding the application. It follows complete privacy constraints and has been appreciated all over the world for its exemplary services and features. Bugs on all devices are logged through this software and results can be shared in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to communicate with your customers on one-to-one basis and generates a personalized experience to retain them forever. 


A comprehensive issue tracking tool on which most of the software testing teams can rely. All emails are turned into support tickets and team members can reply using these tools and track complete conversations at any time. It also allows you to manage complete documentation and test cases in one place and most of the activities can be carried out through a single dashboard. Customers can also create a customized portal without paying anything extra through which tickets can be created and edited. This software has been making a positive difference in testers’ life and allowing teams to become more productive while working in the assigned time and given budget.


This issue tracking tool will be part of your work from development to deployment. It provides a completely integrated environment to developers and works best in the Agile environment. It is considered as the most intuitive issue tracking tool and offers different types of issue tracking templates. This tool was built while considering performance as the key element and ensures that the quality of the work is not compromised at any point. 


Businesses are always in the hunt for the tools which align well with the working practices and can be integrated into the existing ecosystem so they do not have to switch to different tools to perform a simple task. The above-mentioned issue tracking tools are working in the best possible way and have made their mark for their unlimited benefits and features. They are equally useful for the testers and the customers as it allows them to communicate easily and perform the required tasks.

Know whether MahaRERA SRO filter is beneficial for homebuyers or not?

Maharashtra is the home to India’s largest real estate market, which also contributes significantly to the state’s overall GDP. Nevertheless, this sector encountered several issues such as ambiguity regarding property prices, no clear information regarding completion date, delay in property hand over, false paperwork and so on. As a result, new home buyers were often hesitant about investing in this sector.

To address all these issues and improve buyers’ confidence in this sector, the state government established Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory body or MahaRera.

Accordingly, to prevent malpractice, it mandated that all developers and builders register themselves with a Real Estate self-regulatory organisation, or SRO. This filter will hugely benefit homebuyers as it will protect the interest of the buyers and ensure accountability.

How SRO will benefit homebuyers

Since the SROs will also be registered under Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory body, they will make sure that developers and builders who enrol with them comply with all the regulations and guidelines, follow a proper code of conduct, and maintain a standard of professionalism.

The self-regulatory bodies will also be responsible for the validity of any information provided on the website regarding a project. Through self-regulation, developers and promoters will also be responsible for updating the information regularly, which will lead to increased transparency between buyers and developers.

Eligibility parameters for SRO

SROs that are already working in collaboration with MahaReRA include NAREDCO, CREDAI, MCHI etc. An SRO also needs to meet certain eligibility parameters to register themselves with MahaRERA. These are as follows –

  • The organisation must have a minimum of 500 projects of their members which are registered under RERA act.
  • It must be a legal entity.
  • The SRO must be a group or organisation or association of promoters.

Thus, every new developer who is registering their projects under MahaRERA will have to provide their SRO membership details at the time as well as go through all they need to know about MahaRERA in Maharashtra.

MahaRERA registration procedure

Developers or builders who are already associated with an SRO can follow the steps below to complete registration under MahaRERA –

Step 1: Visit the official website.

Step 2: Click on the new registration tab and create a user ID by providing personal information like name, email ID, etc. One should also enter the user type at this stage – which includes promoter, real estate agent or the complainant.

Step 3: Enter your user ID to login to your profile on MahaRERA website.

Step 4: In your profile, enter all the essential information like name, contact address, projects details, SRO enrolment details and the like

Step 5: Upload all essential documents along with recent passport size photograph.

Step 6: Verify all the information and then click on ‘Confirm Submission’.

Step 7: Pay the fees through any online payment mode to complete RERA registration.

Applicants need to upload the following documents during registration –

  • Documents stating name, address, contact information of the developer in charge.
  • If it’s a company, then its registration certificate, partnership agreement, identity and the address proof of management body members.
  • Building plan and layout which has already been approved.
  • Bank account details.
  • Form Number 2 from engineers who are in charge.
  • Form Number 1 and 4 from architects.
  • Form 3 and 5 from a chartered accountant.
  • Agreement documents for lease, ownership, or development.

After the introduction and implementation of RERA in Maharashtra, individuals can purchase a property easily without worrying about any fraudulent practices. Other benefits first time home buyers can experience with RERA is that they can quickly check the status of their project online. In case the project is not completed within the stipulated date; then the developer is required to pay interest on the amount paid by the buyer for every month of delay.

With MahaRERA, borrowers can easily access all information in one place which will come in handy while applying for a home loan.

However, some lending institutions also extend pre-approved offers to applicants, which makes the loan application process quicker and simpler. Such offers can be availed on a variety of financial products like loan against property. One can quickly check their pre-approved offers while applying for a home loan by entering only some essential information like their name and contact information.

However, aside from property prices and completion, applicants who are considering opting for a home loan should also go through the eligibility criteria and documentation to ensure fast approval on their loan application. Apart from that, they need to know the factors that can affect their home loan eligibility. Borrowers should also use a home loan EMI calculator to compare lenders and select a suitable EMI option.

Wall Painting Ideas For Home

Painting interior walls dramatically change the look and feel of any home. Paint is an inexpensive way for transforming an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. Walls are like blank canvases: when filled with color, they come alive. Do you want to make that happen?

Forget for a second about the usual approaches. There are hundreds of cool wall painting ideas that come from the most unexpected places. Just keep your mind open. But if you really want the walls in your apartment or house to look outstanding, you’ll need more than just a single color for accent.

Look up! Celebrate the ceilings and let them sparkle. Add some shine and sophistication to the dining spaces and paint these often dull areas with high sheen products. Create a festive atmosphere at home not just for the holidays. If you are not ready to change the entire ceiling, just add a stencil pattern in a glossy shade for a touch of style.

Shine ceiling design Adding a glossy frame is another tip for creating festivity at home. Any artwork is improved by the addition of a nice frame, and the walls are no different. Update your room by adding shine to doors and trim work. Highlight these areas with gloss paint in a complementary hue to your wall color.

Take a color cue from a holiday gift bag. Incorporating several colors into one space is usually a stumbling block for lots of do­it­yourselfers. By inspecting the gift bag, you’ll find unusual combinations that are easily transferable to your walls. The tip works especially well in case you are contemplating hues for teens.

Integrate texture for added appeal. When working with a single color scheme, some wall texture will provide warmth. By adding paintable wall coverings, bead board or glazing over the already painted surface, you will provide a three­dimensional appearance and subtle interest.

wall painting designThe selection of colors is essential. The use of colors as mood­ lifting design tools

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evokes drama, cheer, comfort, or calm. Color is a powerful wall painting tool. It can make the spacious room feel more intimate, or the tiny one feels larger, without the expense of moving walls. Even a den will feel cozy by painting walls with a warm color. A narrow space will feel wider by applying different colors on the opposing walls. The color of your furniture and accessories, as well as the paint colors you choose, all create a mood.

Don’t be afraid to express your creativity. The power of colors can alter your experience completely. Deciding on colors for your house can feel like a chore, but a wealth of paint companies provide paint collections and online tools that help create cohesive color palettes.

For many years colors have been excluded from our houses, but now we see a real love for them. It’s all about finding the right colors ­ the ones that make you feel good and transform your home into an expression of your style.