Ways To Personalize A Funeral

Whenever you are planning a funeral, you need to consider the guests and most importantly the children. The traditional funerals are becoming a thing of the past and the modern funerals are the ones that engage the children and the guests. Now, more attention is being placed on the customization of the funeral including the surroundings and environment that engages family and friends. The modern funerals include things like funeral photo display boards, scrapbooking and others.

Here are some of the creative and fun ways to pay a tribute to your loved ones-


Funeral Photo Display Boards

The memory boards are one of the popular ways to add a personal touch to the funeral and the memorial services. Generally, the funeral memory boards consist of special photos of the deceased and the loved ones who’s gone forever. Some of them are arranged in a timeline fashion, but you can easily change the theme and personalize it however the way you want. Most of the times, these are put in the funeral homes and churches to give the guests a short glimpse into the life of the deceased. Memory boards are really great way to memorize the deceased because all they need is a tri-fold poster, tape, pictures, color papers, markers and stickers. Whenever you want to join any of the pictures to the memory board then it is advised to use a simple tape so that anything doesn’t get damaged especially the photographs. A funeral memory board is a fun way of displaying the pictures in an amazing manner.


 Scrapbooking all the memories of your loved one is one of the fun ways to keep the memory of that person alive. It is also something that you could do to show your family and friends how much you love the person. People usually love pictures and beautiful images. And the scrapbooking is one of the best things that you could do to enlighten the funeral services of your loved ones in a very unique way. These are a fun way to showcase the life of someone and their attribute. It’s just like taking a glimpse into the life of that person through a collection of pictures that lay down the landscape of their life.

Customized Picture Frames

 Nothing will ever compliment a beautiful picture that is stylish and unique than anything else. If you have all the pictures and in a personalized and stylish frame it will be a great way to add some flavor to the funeral services. A picture frame is something that makes a great and personable gift for the family of the deceased. There is always something unique about the picture frames which makes it easy to attract the guests at the funeral services. And also provides the children who are attending the funeral fun way to memorize all the events in a very interesting way.

A Memory Tree

If you are searching for the most amazing ways to engage the funeral guests during a very long funeral service, then a memory tree is one of the best things you could do. The funeral guests can write down a piece of word letter, memory or, anything else with the deceased and clipped on the memory tree. You can easily make a memory tree with the help of DIY instructions. It is one of the most memorable and fun ways to celebrate the memories of the deceased. If you don’t want a memory tree, then you can also go for an actual tree. That is, you can plant and an actual tree that symbolizes the cycle of life and death. It is good for the surroundings as well. This can be one of the most beneficial traditions for funeral services.

A Stone Memorial Station

This is yet another creative way of memorizing the deceased. You can set up the station at the church of the funeral home with tiny stones and permanent markers kept in a decorated jar. Ask the guests to write or sign something in their names with a brief note on the stone to honor the deceased. With a key to this activity will be to memorize the deceased in the most adorable manner. You don’t need to tell the guest what do they have to put on the stone. There will be many stones that might consist of shared memory, quotes poems or pictures. You can choose to keep the rocks in your garden at home or scatter them somewhere you find meaningful. This is just another way to memorize your loved one who is no longer with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the funeral picture board to personalize a funeral in the best possible way!

Happy Memorial Services!